Serbia just put up 75/55/82 splits as a team against the Philippines塞尔维亚战胜菲律宾的比赛中全队打出75/55/82的命中率Final score 126-67. Just a totally devastating offensive performance. The Philippines aren’t a good side but that was still hugely impressive and the best performance of the tournament so far for me.比分定格在126-67。一场令人叹为观止的进攻盛宴。菲律宾是弱势一方,但在我看来比赛仍然十分震撼,是本届杯赛最好的一场。
Really egalitarian too. 7 players scoring in double figures, 3 players with at least 5 assists. Jokic was 11/7/7 and didn’t miss a field goal, while Bjelica led the scoring with 20赞, 4/4 from 2 and 3/3 from deep.表现非常均衡。7位球员得分上双,3位球员助攻上5。约基奇拿下11/7/7,一球都没投丢,别利察拿下20分领衔得分榜,两分球4中4,三分球3中3。
[–]Squickly 799赞11 hours agoSerbia has strong team I must say. Probably in finals with USA.我必须说,塞尔维亚很强。可能和美国队会师决赛。[–]JazzJoanieLovesAdachi 535赞11 hours agoProbably winning it tbh爵士球迷:讲真的,可能夺冠
[–]deej363 327赞10 hours agoYea watching how Serbia played and how the US has been “playing”, Serbia plays way better as a team. US is basically a bunch of black holes on offense.是的,看看塞尔维亚怎么打球再看看美国怎么“打”,塞尔维亚表现好多了。美国队在进攻端就一群黑洞。
[–]LakersDoesNotWipe 463赞9 hours ago“US is basically a bunch of black-”Wait a minute…“holes on offense.”Oh ok湖人球迷:“美国队在进攻端就一群黑-”等等……“洞。”哦没事[–][DEN] Roy HibbertSiegeGod 52赞10 hours ago*The US always underperforms at the international level and I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with how basketball is coached at the younger levels掘金球迷:美国队在国际赛场经常表现不似预期,我很确定跟球员小时候的执教模式有很大关系
[–][DEN] Torrey Craigsutrauboju 112赞10 hours agoHow do you mean underperforms, its literally the most succesful team掘金球迷:表现不似预期啥意思,这可是最成功的球队[–][DEN] Roy HibbertSiegeGod 175赞9 hours agoYou can win and still underperform relative to your talent level… US basketball is capable of beating teams by way more than they do掘金球迷:赢是能赢,但相较你的天赋水准就是表现不佳……美国队的能力应该是变着法暴揍其他球队。
[–][GSW] Wilt Chamberlaintestbug0 15赞8 hours agoI wouldn’t say underperform is the right word to use, I’d say they play within their capabilities. No need to play at 100% to beat a team when you can play at 50% and do the same.勇士球迷::我不认为表现不似预期是正确的措辞,我会说他们拿出了该有的表现。既然花一半力气就能赢,干嘛全力以赴。
[–]SerbiaBrokenDusk 22赞7 hours agoOkay not to disrespect Angola and Philipines but they are not basketball nations.We had two easy games,Italy destroyed Angola as well way too early to make any assumptions .塞尔维亚球迷:好的,无意冒犯,安哥拉和菲律宾并不是篮球国度。我们两场赢的很轻松,意大利也虐了安哥拉,所以现在做预测还为时过早。
Italy will be first real challenge ,but by names and strenght they are still far from favorites like Greece,Lithuania ,USA and Spain.This games don’t say much ,ppl are rushing意大利队会是第一个难关,但是从球员名气和能力来说还是比希腊、立陶宛、美国、西班牙差的远。今天这场比赛说明不了什么,人们反应过度了[–]Spaincarlosisamar 6赞5 hours agoI dont think Spain is a good team this tournament. We are way too dependant on Ricky and Marc and our offensive game is awful. We’ll see how it goes further in the tournament but I think we are a step below the other teams you named西班牙球迷:我不觉得西班牙在本届杯赛是优秀的球队。我们太依赖卢比奥和小加了,而且我们进攻端打得很差。随着赛事进行,咱们静观其变,但还是觉得我板鸭跟你提到的球队差一档
[–]New Zealandallenz2123 3赞an hour agoPhilipines think they are, just ask the Aussies新西兰球迷:菲律宾觉着自己是篮球国度,澳大利亚人知道
[–]PubDefLakersGuy 19赞9 hours agoGreece would like to have a word.希腊有话要说。
[–][DAL] Luka DoncicAzhman314 25赞8 hours agoThey lack shooters. It’ll be difficult for them probably.独行侠球迷:他们没射手。这可能是他们的死穴。[–]Shoshon_the_elegant_ 5赞3 hours agoSerbia beat them without Jokic during the friendlies热身赛约基奇没上,塞尔维亚都赢了希腊
[–]CelticsJayTL 8赞8 hours agoI think USA Greece Serbia medals, and I don’t know which. Always depends on how the brackets shape out凯尔特人球迷:我觉得前三是美国,希腊和塞尔维亚,具体排名不确定。要等具体对阵出来形势才明朗[–]strkanywhere 77赞10 hours agoItalian here. We’re so fucked意大利球迷报道,我们凉球了
[–]SerbiaJokic4 27赞9 hours agoI dont see how italy can match up vs our big guys but if your guys get hot they can demolish any team .塞尔维亚:我没看出来意大利有谁能对位我们的大个子,但要是你们手感火热,还是能击溃其他球队的。[–]JazzVordeo 12赞9 hours agoEh, top two teams from each group advance, right? Think you’re both locks to get through at this point, last match between you two’s basically just for seeding.爵士球迷:呃,小组前二晋级是吧?你俩都锁定名额了,第三战只是为了排位。[–]Serbiakum_todor 133赞10 hours agoBjelica had no misses, turnovers and fouls. Perfectly clean game.塞尔维亚球迷:别利察百发百中,没有犯规和失误。满分表现。
[–][SAC] Cuttino Mobleyinformedpatriotism 13赞5 hours agoour belly boy <3国王球迷:俺家的肚腩小哥<3
[–]albiedragonslayer 85赞11 hours agoWhats the TS on that真实命中率多少?[–][MIL] Giannis Antetokounmpoergotpoisoning[S] 214赞11 hours ago85.5 TS% as a team雄鹿球迷:全队真实命中率85.5%[–]doc_nikolson 67赞11 hours agoSerbias bench had 78p塞尔维亚板凳拿了78分
[–]Quite4 107赞11 hours agoMeanhwhile Slovenia, European champion with a roty in their rooster, is not playing..于此同时,斯洛文尼亚,欧洲冠军,坐拥最佳新秀,在家里玩泥巴……
[–]Mavericksdudewith3g 21赞10 hours agoI’ve heard there was some bullshit going on, whatever happened to the situation?独行侠球迷:听说当时出了些破事,到底发生什么了?[–]Quite4 101赞10 hours agoQualifications for the world cup happen when all the best players are busy with nba and euroleague..打世界杯资格赛的时候,他们最好的球员都忙着打NBA和欧洲联赛……
[–]PhilippinesC_A_D_G_T 109赞11 hours agoAt least we lost to one of the best Serbian team of all time and hopefully future champions. GG to Serbia thanks for giving our rookies experience.菲律宾球迷:至少我们是输给历史最强的塞尔维亚,没准还是冠军球队。恭喜塞尔维亚,感谢给我们的小年轻上了一课。



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